Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Thanks to terms of use, visitors can learn legal agreements between them and the portal. It is highly recommended to study these rules before entering applapp.store. The website is not directly related to App Store or iOS. Each application belongs to its company and developer as a property or a trademark. Visitors can only use the utilities for their personal purposes.

The agreement

Terms of use are known for setting up legal agreements which apply to the users and applap.store, including its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliated entities - "applapp.store", "we", "us" and "our". By accepting our terms of use you get access to the portal. Moreover, we also recommend you to read our Privacy Policy before downloading content or clicking on the links. Terms of use may have some changes to which users acknowledge to agree to with or without any notice. In order to find out about new updates on time, please, read the terms and privacy policy on a regular basis. Lastly, users should not consider any content, description, pictures and information as a replacement for professional advice.

Use restrictions

Only applapp.store, apps developers, providers and licensors hold copyrighted property of all the content, trademark, service mark and name on the website. Thus, users do not have ownership rights and intellectual property to any content contained on the portal. Moreover, it is restricted to share applapp.store content with third parties. We highly suggest you not to violate the rules. applapp.store prohibits the visitors to use its content for commercial purposes or any other way which may lead to negative consequences. Visitors are not allowed to violate any local, state, federal or international law while using the portal. In other words, please, follow the rules when visiting our website. applapp.store is not oriented towards children. In order to protect the privacy of kids, we do not collect any private information if we know a user is under 13.

Links to third party websites

As users may have noticed, there are hyperlinks on some web pages. By clicking on one of these links, you enter third party websites that are beyond our control. Usually hyperlinks are made by our partners, sponsors, providers and so on for showing advertisements. There are also sections with terms of use and privacy policy on third parties websites. Before getting access to the websites, it is recommended to read these two sections as they may differ from our terms and rules drastically. Please note that applapp.store is not responsible for third party websites and their links. Visitors click on the hyperlinks at their own risk. Our website can disable any advertisement at any time, even if we are under obligation not to do so.

Electronic communications

Please, feel free to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our terms of use. You can send us a letter via email.

Policy restrictions

When you are on applapp.store you acknowledge not to violate its rules, one of which is using an automated system. For example, when it comes to entering applapp.store, visitors are not allowed to use scripts or programs capable of sending multiple messages and requests at the same time. There are web spiders on the site, the purpose of which is to collect information about visited pages and archive it to a search engine database.


Any content or service on applapp.store should not be considered as a sign of reliability and especially, guarantee. After you enter our website you use its content at your own risk. We do not guarantee performance, quality and accuracy of our services as well as content. This also applies to the reliability of hyperlinks by our third parties. There can be inaccuracies in the descriptions, though we may correct them in the future. Please note that if you or your actions cause negative consequences to our website, you will have to cover all the cost to resolve the issue. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur on your devices after using our site. When sharing our content with third parties you take all the risk on your own. Users acknowledge that by accepting the terms of use they should not make any claims against applapp.store.


Users agree to indemnify our loss in accordance with laws if the problems or negative consequences were caused by their action. Moreover, users acknowledge to defend the interests of ours, partners and sponsors - content suppliers, agents, distributors, licensors, licensees, representatives and all of the foregoing entities - resellers, distributors, employees, agents, successors, assigns and owners. We reserve the right to hire a lawyer at our expense and choose the way of resolving any occurring issue as well as ask for your cooperation in defending our interest.

Limitation of liability

In no event shall we or any of our representatives, officers, directors, agents, employees, subsidiaries, successors, affiliates and contractors be liable for any damage users and third parties may face by accessing the content on apllapp.store. Especially, when it comes to financial loss. It is up to you to enter our website as you take all the risk on your own, including the ones that may damage your devices, whether it is smartphone, tablet, pc or any other. We are not responsible for accuracy of the information on apllapp.store and the site of its partners. apllapp.store is not liable for any damages occurring after using the website, even if we might have foreseen such negative consequences.

In no event shall we or our third parties, licensors, content suppliers, licencees, resellers, service providers and distributors be liable for any incompatibility between applapp.store and other websites, services, browsers, hardware and software. We are not responsible for any failure in the performance of the website as a result of unexpected incidents beyond our control, including natural diseases, an act of god or any war, whether it was caused by terrorists or civilians.

General provisions

applapp.store reserves the right to integrate modifications or stop the performance of the site both temporarily and permanently at any time without notifying its users. You acknowledge to agree to these changes and not to make a claim. In no event shall we have visitors permission to modify the features of applapp.store or stop its performance.

If a certain provision of the terms of use is considered completely or partly invalid for a reason, it will be separated from other provisions and will have no legal effect on them. Please note that we can update any provision as well as terminate it without letting users know. It is highly recommended to check the terms of use and privacy policy on a regular basis to be aware of the latest changes. Even after we terminate the provisions, some of them may still have legal effects.

Terms of use and agreements, whether written and oral, help users to know what they can and should not do when visiting applapp.store. Users learn about the consequences in case they violate the rules of the website. Regardless of law to the contrary, any claim occurred as a result of using the website should be commenced within a certain amount of time after it had been made.

Questions and comments

In case you have any questions regarding the terms of use, please contact us via email.