DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification works in accordance with DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act. To file a copyright infringement notification, you have to send a letter that includes:

A physical or electronic signature of an owner of exclusive rights or a representative who undertakes to act on behalf of the complaining party.

Identification of copyrighted work that claimed to be violated. If there are several references that belong to the owner of exclusive rights, please, mention all of them in the letter. Moreover, we ask you to provide URLs to these works on the site. This way we quickly find the work and resolve the issue.

Contacts, as we may send a reply to your letter. It can be an email address or a telephone number.

A signed letter about the complaining party in the face of the owner, agent or the law not approving copyright work to be on our website.

A statement where it says that the information in the letter is accurate and reliable. It is worth to note that perjury and inaccuracy in a complaint letter may lead to facing the penalty. We recommend you not to make false DMCA claims if you or the company you represent do not own copyrights.

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