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Everyone nows that diet is a particular pattern of eating and a balanced diet provides the correct amount of all nutrients without excess or deficiency to maintain health. There are many reasons why someone is interested in their diet, for example to improve health, lose weight or increase performance. All nutritional plans need to be designed to suit individual goals, differences and requirements.

In our app you can find information about best diets:

*Atkins Diet
*The Zone Diet
*Alkaline Acid Diet
*The South Beach Diet
*Slimming World Diet
*Vegetarian Diet
*The Mediterranean Diet
*How to Go on a Raw Food Diet

Some Reasons to go on a Diet:

Weight Loss
The most common reason for going on a diet is to lose weight. Eat fewer calories than you use during the day and you'll lose weight. Add in exercise and you may also be able to improve your body composition, since the exercise will help you maintain your muscle so you lose mostly fat.

Lower Blood Pressure
Weight loss may help you lower your blood pressure levels, according to a study published in "Diabetes Care" in July 2011. Although improvements were greater in people who lost more weight, even those losing just 2 to 5 percent of their weight were more likely experience improvements in systolic blood pressure.

Improved Mood
Not only will you look better, but you may also feel better if you lose weight. Studies performed using participants of the National Weight Control Registry have found that weight loss may also lead to improvements in mood.

Higher Energy Levels
The National Weight Control Registry studies also noted that people who have lost weight tend to have more energy. This extra energy may make it easier for you to do the exercise that can help you maintain your weight loss and get in better shape.

Our app includes information about different diets. Just take your time and find the best one for you!
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