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Boost Juice UK Description
Never miss out on collecting Boost points with the Boost Juice app! Use your phone in place of your plastic loyalty card – just scan your unique barcode every time you purchase and your points will accumulate. Reach 9 points and you can redeem your freebie via your phone using the scanners in store. Take the weight off your wallet, use the new Boost app and ditch the plastic!

· Customise your orders
· Build your own juice
· UK wide store locator
· Manage and track your Boost Points
and a while bunch more!

Simply log-in with your current Boost Vibe Loyalty details and all the information stored on your card including your points, automatically transfer to the app. Don’t have a Boost Loyalty card? Well now you do, so start collecting your points today.
Boost Juice UK Update
Don't act like you haven’t been sitting here, refreshing your browser, waiting on the latest excuse for why you need to update our app. I swear to god it’s not more bug fixes this time... It’s actually all Apple’s fault. But thanks to the release of the new iOS13, our app team finally had to get off their butts and do something - and to celebrate, you can all take the day off work/school to update your app *blows party whistle*
Price: Free
Version: 3.0.6
Size: 26.5 MiB
Genre: Food & Drink
Update: 2019-09-18T23:00:04Z
Languages: EN