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Halide Mark II - Pro Camera Description
**Please note Halide is not free. We offer a 7-day free trial for annual memberships. Don't like subscriptions? You can also buy the app outright with a single in-app purchase.**

Halide is an App Store Editor's Choice, award-winning camera from the team behind Spectre, Apple's App of the Year of 2019. Its multitude of awards include iMore's "App of the Year 2020," Macworld's "Must Have Apps," The Verge's "Apps We Love," and The Sweet Setup's "Best Third-Party Camera App for iPhone."

Halide is the most powerful camera for iPhone with the most elegant, simple design — A pro camera for everyone.

This is a groundbreaking app for deliberate and thoughtful photography. With high-end tools, and a beautiful interface designed from scratch for the latest iPhones and inspired by the controls of professional cameras, Halide is your go-to camera when you want to really take a photo rather than a quick snapshot.

Use gestures in Halide to change exposure and manual focus with a swipe, or switch from its powerful automatic mode to manual shooting. Halide’s professional tools are the most powerful in the App Store, with XDR (Extended Dynamic Range) 14-bit RAW streaming waveform views, color zebras, focus assists like focus peaking and loupe, histograms, an adaptive level grid, and manual depth capture. Customize controls to adapt the app to your needs.

Halide’s ProRAW support* is unmatched. Strike the right balance between file size and editing latitude by choosing between 12-bit and 10-bit ProRAW, with or without JPEG sidecars. Effortlessly switch to native RAW, for greater detail and speed.

- Beautiful, intuitive gesture-based interface, usable with one hand
- Take portraits of pets and objects on iPhone XR and iPhone SE
- Manual focus, and powerful tools like a Focus Loupe and Focus Peaking
- Smart automatic mode with Halide Smart RAW, optimizing settings with Machine Learning for RAW files with less noise and more detail
- Full manual exposure controls including shutter speed, ISO and white balance
- Best-on-iPhone exposure tools: histograms, XDR 14-bit RGB waveform, and color zebra stripes
- Captures RAW, TIFF, HEIC or JPG for the best quality shots
- Grid overlay with built-in level
- A powerful reviewer to view DNG, JPG, HEIC and Live Photos, as well as Portrait depth data and mattes, with a detailed metadata view
- Instant RAW development process to quickly develop your RAW files in a tap
- Technical Readout to view all details of your iPhone camera hardware
- Apple Watch companion app for remote shooting
- Siri Shortcuts support to trigger the shutter remotely, or open Halide in Auto or Manual mode
- Coverage, a powerful new feature to take two photos with a small delay to capture both a maximum-Smart HDR processed image with Deep Fusion and Smart HDR, as well as a DNG RAW.
- Become a better photographer by signing up for comprehensive lessons like a 10-day quick tutorial right from the app.
- Private by Design: Halide does not include any trackers or tracking, has not third party libraries, does not collect data or photos, and never transmits any information. Halide also includes features to reduce spying by companies like Facebook by limiting location information on photos shared from the app.
- Feature limitations:

*ProRAW requires iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max
The Ultra Wide and selfie cameras do not support RAW or manual focus unless on iOS 15.
Waveform requires iPhone 8 or later. (8, X, XS, XR, SE2, 11, 12, 13)
Depth Capture requires iPhone 7 Plus, 8, X, XS, XR, 11, 12, 13 or SE2

Terms of Use can be found here: https://halide.cam/terms
Privacy: https://halide.cam/privacy
Halide Mark II - Pro Camera Update
This is a small update to our big Macro Mode update! If you previously had any issues with Macro Mode on iPhone XR and iPhone 8 or other iPhones, this release should improve things. Thanks to all of you that reported the issue; your details helped us track this down! If you have any other bug reports or feedback, please let us know at [email protected] HALIDE 2.5: A BIG DAY FOR SMALL THINGS Did you know? The latest iPhone 13 Pro takes amazing Macro shots. That got us pretty excited. But we also wanted *everyone* to be excited about taking great Macro photos. So we created Macro Mode. Halide now offers the best tool for close-up photos on any iPhone, and the perfect companion for the iPhone 13 Pro’s new near-focusing camera: Macro Mode! Macro Mode is helped by our new technology called Neural Macro. Halide’s Macro Mode does a few clever things to help you get the best Macro shot: first, it checks which one of your cameras can focus the closest. Then, it gives you ultra-precise focus control to get your teeny-tiny subject perfectly sharp. Finally, once taken, Neural Macro gets to work: a powerful AI-based detail enhancement process gets even more detail out of your processed image. To turn on Macro Mode, first tap the AF button to get into manual focus, and then tap the flower button. When activated, Halide switches to the lens on your phone with the closest focus distance. It also increases the size of the focus dial, allowing granular adustments down to the millimeter. Shooting with the iPhone 13 Pro’s macro lens, you’ll often find yourself cropping images due to its ultra-wide field of field. There’s just one problem: if you just blow up these cropped photos in an editor you can end up with fuzzy or pixelated results. We knew we could do better. OK, so the magic part: Neural Macro. On iPhones with a Neural Engine (iPhone 8 and later), we use a neural network to intelligently upscale images. You get sharp, clean contours at 2x and even 3x the scale! To turn this on, just tap the “2x” button while in Macro Mode. If you later change your mind about the crop, have no fear. Halide saves the full, uncropped version of your photo in your library. And of course, we’d never touch your RAW files: RAW files are saved unprocessed and uncropped. Macro Mode is available to all Halide users, regardless of iPhone, and we can’t wait to see your shots! Please share them with us on social media by tagging your shots #ShotWithHalide so we can share them! Now for some birthday news: Halide Mark II is now almost a year old — making Halide almost four and a half years! That also means that if you got Halide Mark II for free last year, this is the last month you will be receiving new features. We’ve worked hard for the last four and a half years to bring you new features for free. If you’d like to keep receiving these major new features, check out the renewal options inside Settings. If you prefer to keep using Halide Mark II — with Macro Mode — the app will, of course, keep working with all its current features. Thank you for all your support and feedback. Without your continued support, we couldn’t do what we love most: to work on this camera app and see the amazing photos our users take all over the world. If you have any feedback or bug reports, let us know at [email protected] If you like what we’re doing, please consider leaving a review, as they go a long way. And don’t forget to tag your photos #shotwithhalide for a chance to be featured on our Twitter and Instagram! — Team Halide
Price: Free
Version: 2.5.3
Size: 19.4 MiB
Genre: Photo & Video
Update: 2021-10-26T20:15:09Z
Languages: NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, KO, ZH, ES, ZH