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iFertracker Description
iFertracker, a smart basal-body-temperature (BBT) thermometer developed by Raiing Medical Company, is to track the best time to try and conceive. Connecting with the iFertracker App, iFertracker can easily tell you the phases of your menstrual cycle, fertile window, and help you arrange intercourse accordingly.
Key functions are:
[Find the right time] - Wear the iFertracker overnight, you will get precise basal body temperature for ovulation prediction and the best time for intercourse.
[Understand your menstrual cycles] - Menstrual cycles are illustrated in a visual and intuitive way based on consecutive and precise data, getting you ready for the approaching period.
[BBT chart] - BBT chart is available for further medical consulting and professional diagnosis.
iFertracker has integrated with the Health App and you can sync your basal body temperature and menstruation data to the Health app (requires iOS8). Raiing Medical is a data driven, healthcare service company, dedicated to reproductive health.
iFertracker Update
1. Optimized the APP UI display 2. Fixed some bugs
Price: Free
Version: 4.0.0
Size: 47.0 MiB
Genre: Health & Fitness
Update: 2022-06-23T03:30:27Z
Languages: BG, CS, EN, HU, ZH