Motonari Hibi
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LadderTouchLite Description
LadderTouchLite is an app to learn the basics of ladder logic, which is a graphical programming language.
This app has two functions.
You can learn about that mechanism by executing some of the prepared samples. And you can check your understanding with questions.

-------Difference from the full version-------
It doesn't show hints of questions.
You cannot make your own ladders.

Up to 5 elements.
You can control the input signal by tapping the buttons at the bottom of the display.

Virtual output(red)
Up to 5 elements.

Internal memory(gray)
Up to 20 elements.
Virtual output(red) and internal memory(gray) are the same for logical behavior.
But the difference is in usage.
The virtual output is the last element in the ladder logic chain.
The Internal memory is for the processing element of the ladder logic chain.
These are an imitation of the actual ladder logic with the output devices.

Up to 5 elements.
The timer can be set from 0.1 seconds to 10.0 seconds. The setting unit is 0.1 second.
The timer works only 'on delay'. This app does not include 'off delay'.

On Delay.
---++++++++++ source
-------++++++ destination

Off Delay.
+++---------- source
++++++++----- destination

+ ON
Time flows from left to right

Up to 5 elements.
You can set from 1 to 50.
There is no counter reset element in this app. Many other ladder logic software has it.
The way to reset the counter is to stop running the ladder.

All elements can be inverse in the source area.
However, timers and counters cannot do it in the destination area.
It is difficult to understand the inverse logic of a timer and counter in the destination area.

There is no function that connects to outer devices.
LadderTouchLite Update
Fixed the link for the new app Kyotsu Test ProbabilityPlayer.
Price: Free
Version: 1.9.1
Size: 5.2 MiB
Genre: Developer Tools
Update: 2020-09-12T11:10:50Z
Languages: EN, JA