Storm Sniffer - Packet Capture

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Storm Sniffer - Packet Capture Description
Storm Sniffer lets you capture and inspect HTTP / HTTPS requests &responses on your iOS device.
It's easy to debug your app’s networking issues without a computer.

* Features
1. Capture HTTP / HTTPS Traffic from iOS devices with local VPN
2. View HTTP / HTTPS request & response in plain text
3. Modify HTTP / HTTPS request & response in real time
4. HTML,JS,CSS reformat and re-indent
5. Advanced Debugging Tools: Rewrite,Block list,Breakpoint,etc
6. Multi-device cloud synchronization

* How it works
Storm Sniffer creates a local VPN on your device, then forwarding all traffic to a Local Man-in-The-Middle Server. As long as the VPN is active, Storm Sniffer can capture all HTTP / HTTPS traffic over Wi-Fi or Cellular Data.

* About the sensitive data
Storm Sniffer's Root Certificate is a self-signed certificate that is generated in your device. All HTTP / HTTPS requests & responses are captured and stored on your devices WITHOUT ANY REMOTE SERVERS involved.
Storm Sniffer - Packet Capture Update
* Support for the capture records search * Bug Fixes
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.6
Size: 55.2 MiB
Genre: Developer Tools
Update: 2022-05-19T23:32:03Z
Languages: EN, ZH