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PHILChat messenger Description
PHILChat is a revolutionary messenger app that allows you to make high-definition audio and video calls regardless of Wi-Fi or Internet speed. PHILChat’s features can be enjoyed anywhere in the world - from the most remote regions to the most modern cities. Now you can chat with friends and family, send large files, and participate in group chats with up to 1 million users!
What sets PHILChat apart?
— Your chats and files are safe and not stored on any servers
— Large files can be sent and downloaded faster than other chat apps
— Audio and video calls remain high quality despite Internet speed
— The largest group chat capabilities with up to 1 million users
Safety and peace of mind
Users enjoy peace of mind that their communication is secure and chats are never stored on any servers. Third parties will never have access to your data.
File transfers that are 6x faster
You can send or download files 6 times faster than other chat apps. Photos, videos and documents can be transfered seamlessly.
A highly collaborative ecosystem
Users can instantly send and share text messages, photos, stickers, voice, and video recordings, GIFs, or any other files. They can record voice and video messages with a single tap.
Voice and video calls anywhere, any time
Call friends and family in HD and with crystal-clear clarity. PHILChat can be used anywhere in the world and quality is never compromised regardless of WiFi or Internet.
Download PHILChat for free today and be part of a growing global community seeking greater privacy, peace of mind and quality community communication.
PHILChat messenger Update
Performance improvements
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 178.5 MiB
Genre: Social Networking
Update: 2022-06-18T13:56:54Z
Languages: EN