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Rainspotter Description
Rainspotter is the free rain radar app that gives you very accurate location based rain information up to 5 hours ahead. If you want to know exactly when and how much it’s going to rain? Then always check Rainspotter before you go out.

Rainspotter is the app you need if you bike to work, do outdoor sports, organise events or simply want to know if you need to bring an umbrella or not. It gives you detailed rain information up to 5 hours ahead of time based on your current or pre-defined locations. It’s up to 5 minutes accurate and hyper local. It works in the whole of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and even parts of Germany and Sweden.

It’s even possible to get a notification to be warned about approaching rain so you can make sure you’re always prepared.

Rainspotter gives you:

Up-to-date information

Rainspotter gives you very local and very detailed precipitation information which is always up to date.

Interactive radar map:
Rainspotter has an interactieve radar map which shows exactly where it’s raining and where it’s going to rain for the next 5 hours.

Rain graph:
The very accurate rain radar shows exactly how much rain is expected at what time.

Notification for upcoming rain:
Based on your location or pre-defined locations Rainspotter will give you a notification if rain is expected. This makes you prepared at any moment for the rain to come.

For more info visit our website: www.rainspotter.com
Rainspotter Update
Rainspotter is now also available in the UK and Ireland!!! On top of that we have a more detailed weather forecast section, with detailed weather, wind and solar information.
Price: Free
Version: 1.4
Size: 35.2 MiB
Genre: Weather
Update: 2022-06-23T06:27:07Z
Languages: DA, EN