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Jellycuts Description
Jellycuts is a programming tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently write Powerful Shortcuts right on your iPad or iPhone.

Switching from coding Shortcuts in the Shortcuts App to coding in Jellycuts is super easy. Features like the Icon Creator and JSON Dictionary Builder allow you to transfer your knowledge of Shortcuts into Jellycuts.

# Features
- Write and run Jellycuts
- Support for iOS 13-15.
- Supports shortcuts signing on iOS 15
- Support for macOS 12 actions
- You can export your Jellycuts with actions only available on macOS 12
- Example Jellycuts
- Export Jellycuts into Shortcuts
- Import your existing Shortcuts into Jellycuts
- JSON Dictionary Builder
- Create Shortcuts dictionaries that can be used in your Jellycuts
- Icon Creator
- Preview your shortcuts Icon
- Jellycuts Bridge
- Allows you to connect VSCode and Jellycuts.
- Once connected you can transfer files directly from VSCode into Jellycuts projects.
- Full language documentation
- Type explorer, allows you to see all the possible options for a function‘s parameters
- Pop-out documentation for iPad
- Dark Mode Support
- Control how your Jellycuts are exported into Shortcuts
- Change the version of shortcuts you are exporting to
- Select where the shortcut will appear across the system

## Editor Features
- Syntax highlighting
- Change your editor theme
- 60+ Themes
- Automatic Light and Dark themes
- Auto completion for code
- Enable / Disable line numbers
- Change editor font
- Change editor font size
- Debug Terminal

# Contact
Twitter @Jellycuts
Email: [email protected]
Jellycuts Update
This is a small update that fixes a few bugs in preparation for the big 1.4 update. Nitty Gritty - Updated documentation viewer - Fixed a bug that caused AskForInput to not function - Added incremental magic variable names for shortcut importin - Fixed an issue where some characters would break function parsing
Price: Free
Version: 1.3.3
Size: 35.4 MiB
Genre: Developer Tools
Update: 2022-02-15T11:30:49Z
Languages: EN