Linked List

William McGinty
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Linked List Description
Linked List lets you examine the contents and features enabled by the Apple App Site Association file for a domain! Features include:

- View the outputs of an AASA file in a more digestible (non-JSON) format, including the full set of linked app, the universal linking rules, as well as call outs for handoff, app clip and shared web credential support.
- Build and maintain a set of custom test links for each of the domains you’ve linked. Create them manually in app, or import them directly from the pasteboard. You can even share them with others.
- Validates your AASA file on import, and continuously thereafter, to help diagnose possible current and future issues.
- Background updates will keep your AASA files up to date without any user intervention
Linked List Update
- Provide context as to why a test link will open in app vs safari - Search through link rules - View link rules in both sectioned (include vs exclude) and original order
Price: Free
Version: 1.4.0
Size: 3.0 MiB
Genre: Developer Tools
Update: 2022-05-11T11:39:38Z
Languages: EN