Adventure Travel Project

Juan C. Gras
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Adventure Travel Project Description
Get the most out of your application with a complete open source architecture based on modern mobile development technologies.
* Made in React Native using ECMAScript/JavaScript code standardization, format and validation for a better code quality.
* Using Redux to handle the entire application data flow within a single container: one state to rule them all.
* We include Firebase as backend integration for users authentication and to management and synchronize all data in real time.
* We integrated Maps and added our clustering components to group multiple results.
* Integrated design for tables and mobile devices.
Adventure Travel Project Update
In this version we have added the blur effect for image loading.
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.1
Size: 55.3 MiB
Genre: Developer Tools
Update: 2021-11-14T06:58:53Z
Languages: EN