ColorRing: adult coloring book

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ColorRing: adult coloring book Description
Color Ring is a free coloring game that will help you relax by using effective and pleasant color therapy! You will really enjoy this free art game if you love coloring. You do not need to buy expensive paper coloring books anymore, try this fun app that has over a 3000 coloring images and more always coming!

So what makes this app special? This painting app is indeed not like any other.
1) We have community that will publish the art works of our lovely entertainment app users. Your artworks will be enjoyed, rated and commented on by many others.
2) But that is not the only entertaining perk this coloring game offers you. We also often organize different contests that can result in real rewards from Apple. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity with this free coloring book for adults.
3) And if you are looking for the best possible anti-stress therapy coloring book experience you will be glad to find out that the app also includes different types of music to help you relax and enjoy yourself while you are painting.
4) Check out the amazing coloring images from more than 100 illustrators from all over the world.
The interface of this coloring app for adults is very intuitive and enjoyable. When you first enter you will see that there are different tabs you can access.
- The gallery tab displays categories and images to choose from. Pick any image and get inspired!
- You will also have a create tab which will allow you to express your artistic abilities in different ways. You can import an image from your device’s gallery, crop it, rotate it, add and remove lines, adjust details and then color it any way you want. You can also take a photo by giving this free art game permission to access your camera and then work your magic. If you are feeling especially creative, you can of course start with just a blank page and get the most of this entertainment app.
- You will notice there also is a contest tab which you will be able to enter once you list your Instagram account. To see every contest entrant’s work of art you can copy the hashtag under the images and search it directly on Instagram. There are always new creative contests going on. You can also look through all the concluded contests to get some inspiration.
- Finally, you can save all your beautiful paintings in the my works tab. There you also enter your Instagram username to be able to participate in the contests and win amazing gifts from Apple.
Coloring for adults is a great way to relax and explore your creative abilities. Color Ring is one of the best games for adults on the market that will offer you a fun and rewarding experience. When you install and open it you might just say “this is a coloring book for me!”.

We are constantly working to make the ColorRing better, please share your feedback: [email protected]
ColorRing: adult coloring book Update
Fixed few annoying bugs, improved stability and productivity.
Price: Free
Version: 1.8.6
Size: 164.1 MiB
Genre: Lifestyle
Update: 2022-08-09T16:49:36Z
Languages: EN, RU