Meal Reminder - MealNow

Arturo Fernandez Marco
4 / 5
Meal Reminder - MealNow Description
MealNow is a Meal Reminder that helps you keep track of the food you eat during the day. The app has everything you need to help you achieve your goals.

Why this app exists?

- Have you ever focused on something so hard that you forget to eat?
- Do you need to remember to take your pills or walk the dog?
- Do you want to study X number of hours and take breaks?

The answer to those question is MealNow can remind you.

The app has no ads (yes, I hate ads too) and it's free. It was developed with simplicity in mind, yet useful and very customizable. The best is that it doesn't require internet to work!

Free Features:

- 5 meals available to track
- Reminder to eat every 3 hours
- Meal time calculation for the whole day based on 1st meal time
- Manual Reset day

Gold Features:

- Add as many meals as you'd like
- Rename them, add style, make it yours
- Edit their time with flexibility
- Delete items from list
- Customize Notifications
- Automatically reset meals based on the time of your choice

All future Gold updates and features will be available for free to whoever already purchased it. Furthermore, users will have priority on requesting features for the app.


Terms of Use (EULA):
Meal Reminder - MealNow Update
Maintenance update
Price: Free
Version: 5.4.1
Size: 6.4 MiB
Genre: Food & Drink
Update: 2022-11-07T19:18:23Z
Languages: EN