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Nebula - Knowledge Center Description
Nebula is a personal knowledge system, combines note-taking, material management, and task management together.

* Rich text editor
- Paragraphs can be folded.
- You can drag and drop to add link and attachments into the editor
- You can paste your image into the editor
- Text decorations like Bold, underscore, italic, strikethrough, hi-lightly.
- Plenty of attachments: image, video, audio, location, freehand sketch.
- Paragraphs can have subparagraphs, easier to organize the contents.
- Link List, checkbox, quote block, source code block.
- Publish to blog platforms with attachments.
- Export to other file formats, such as Markdown, txt, html, pdf, image.
- Add tags to paragraph.
- Add working status to paragraphs.
- Add priority to paragraph.
- Insert date and time.
- Full-screen mode.
- Works with Task Management and Material Management to make everything easy and efficient.

* Task Agenda
- Automatically generate tasks from marks in agenda, no more effort to manage the work.
- Automatically list high priority tasks.
- Group tasks according to date, arrange the work more wisely.
- Show overdue tasks automatically, in case you forget.
- Set repetable tasks, and notify you in the agenda periodically.

* Automatically Kanban
- Automatically generate all items from document headings.
- Automatically update note content from Kanban, and another way around.
- Support drag gestures on Mac and iPad.

* Capture and Materials management
- Capture text, image, audio, video, link from other apps.
- Use those materials in your document anytime, anywhere.
- Material management center.

* Task Management
- Track any paragraph by setting status to it.
- Add date and time to arrange the task.
- Set priority
- Agenda to gather and manage all tasks.

* Bi-direction document linking
- Create document link, and generate bi-direction link automatically
- Paragraph level link

* Document management
- Hierarchy-based document system.
- Apply multiple tags to paragraphs.
- Status, date, and time can also be used to find your content.
- Documents, event paragraphs in it can be moved around easily.
- Full-text search.
- Mark your favorite document, find them directly.

* iCloud sync
Automatically sync to your iCloud account, keep your data safe, and keep all devices the same.

* Publish to blog platforms
We support directly publish articles to blog platforms, if the platform we have now didn't contain the one you are using, please let us know.

And we can publish attachments too!

* Export to other formats
- HTML, text, image, PDF, Markdown.

For more information about Nebula please visit

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Twitter: @nebulaapp1
Nebula - Knowledge Center Update
New features: New Agenda, much easier to manage the task status, tags, priority. Material manage now includ all attachments. Improvements: Fix when renaming document, didn't correctly rename those opening documents. Improved opening speed. In editor now high light the current line. Fix when update task status, not update in agenda and kanban. Improve interaction with image attachment in editor. Fix cursor location misplaced when paste text. Fix selection range can't adjust in iPhone and iPad. Fix some customized settings didn't load in time after sync.
Price: Free
Version: 1.3.6
Size: 29.2 MiB
Genre: Productivity
Update: 2021-08-17T12:33:18Z
Languages: EN, ZH