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Tusker Description
Tusker is a free and flexible client for the Mastodon social network and other compatible services.

• Notification grouping: Combine favorite, boost, and follow notifications into a single row to get a more glance-able view of your notifications.
• Timeline sync: Keep your timeline position across all your devices using iCloud.
• Customize timelines: Pick which timelines (including lists and hashtags) are pinned to your home tab, and apply filters to hide posts you're not interested in.
• Tweak your experience: Tusker has a wide variety of preferences to allow you to customize how you use the app. From changing the appearance and interactions, to configuring how content warnings work, Tusker supports it all.
• Digital wellness options: Tusker has a variety of preferences to help you manage how you use social media, including by turning infinite scrolling off or showing all images in grayscale.
• Accessibility: VoiceOver, Voice Control, Dynamic Type, and more are all fully supported.
• Multiple accounts: Sign in to multiple accounts and quickly switch between them.
• Modern Mastodon features: Support editing filters, viewing trending posts/hashtags/links, following hashtags, and more.
• Broad software compatibility: Tusker also has builtin support for the Glitch and Hometown variants of Mastodon; as well as Pleroma, a Mastodon alternative; and PixelFed, a photo-sharing social network.

Mastodon is part of the fediverse a free, open source, and decentralized social network. From your home server, communicate and interact with people on any other server using the ActivityPub protocol. Learn more at joinmastodon.org.
Tusker Update
Features/Improvements: - Improve design of link preview cards - Show loading indicator during timeline state restoration - Show loading indicator while loading conversation Bugfixes: - iPad/Mac: Fix some keyboard shortcuts not working - Fix several state restoration crashes - Fix not being able to tap More Replies button in conversations - Fix collapse button disappearing from posts on the conversation screen
Price: Free
Version: 2023.2
Size: 9.0 MiB
Genre: Social Networking
Update: 2023-01-22T16:03:22Z
Languages: EN