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Sudóku Description
Quick Sudoku for beginners, challenging puzzles for experts. An infinite number of puzzles.

Daily challenges and prizes.

All the features you need to become a pro sudoku solver:

1. A smart “Notes” function - write variants of numbers for a cell and they will be automatically updated when you put a number into connected cells.

2. Customisable highlight: you can make the app show your mistakes or disable this function to make sudoku more challenging.

3. Hints for any cell.

4. “Check” button to erase all the wrong numbers in a puzzle.
Sudóku Update
We made small improvements for more pleasant playing. Get an infinite number of sudoku with the new update. Solve all daily challenges and get monthly bonuses!
Price: Free
Version: 2.1.1
Size: 158.4 MiB
Genre: Games
Update: 2022-04-15T08:53:30Z
Languages: EN