Jukestar - Jukebox for Spotify

James Litjens
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Jukestar - Jukebox for Spotify Description
Love great music and have Spotify Premium? Use the Jukestar jukebox to start the music democracy at your next party. Fire the DJ; with guest request and voting capability, now everyone can get involved in the music:
- No one can hog the playlist
- The good stuff gets played
- The bad stuff disappears!
Create a party and share with your guests. They can now use their phone (without needing Spotify) to make requests from the millions of tracks available on Spotify, vote for the songs they like and veto the songs they hate.

The Jukestar jukebox will automatically distribute the songs in the playlist based on who requested what, when they requested it and what other guests think of the songs in the jukebox.

- Guests can request from the millions of tracks available on Spotify using their phone (without needing Spotify)
- Guests can upvote or veto any of the songs in the playlist
- The upcoming queue is distributed and updated automatically
- Guest requests will be spread out in the queue so everyone’s music gets played
- The more guests upvote someone's song, the sooner it will be played
- The more guests veto someone's song, the further it will move down the queue
- When enough guests veto a song, it disappears from the queue
- As a host, you can overrule any song
- As a host, you can force any song to play next

The host app requires a Spotify Premium account (a 30 day free trial is available from Spotify). Guests do not need a Spotify account.

Are you a GUEST at a Jukestar party? Download the Jukestar Guest app. It’s free!
Jukestar - Jukebox for Spotify Update
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - [LABS] Only allow requests from the suggestions playlist - Need tight control over what guests can request? Ideal for venues and weddings. - [LABS] Prevent vetoing the playing song - Ideal if you’re using Jukestar for your wedding and need to keep it classy - New clever party share links which help guests become a Jukestar Guest faster and more easily - Bug fixes - Crash fixes
Price: Free
Version: 2.0.1
Size: 36.0 MiB
Genre: Music
Update: 2018-03-27T09:15:50Z
Languages: EN